Become a Top Wedding Planner – Recognize and Rid Yourselves of More Time Thieves


Last year I wrote a blog post about different Time Thieves that keep you from getting your work done.

I’ve just recognized 2 addition thieves:

1) Membership in multiple business networking groups

When you hear about networking groups, do you join all of them without asking  who participates? It is important to go out and meet other people to expand your network but be discriminating. Select the ones in which you can actually meet people and vendors with whom you can exchange referrals. And, if you attend a variety of  groups and same people are in all of them, you aren’t expanding your network. Decide which groups to drop and find new places to meet people.

2) Meeting with people who only want to sell you something

In the past week I’ve received calls from two different people who used to be in the networking groups I attended. They both said they were doing a different businesses now and would love to have coffee and tell me about it. They never asked about me or my business. I declined the invitations. Don’t take time away from your business to listen to sales pitches for things you don’t want.

If you stay focused on the goals you have for your business and decide what you intend to accomplish each day to reach those goals, it will be easier to protect your time and fight off any time thieves that you encounter.

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