Become a Top Wedding Planner – Recognize Then Rid Yourself of Time Thieves


Wedding Planners Let Time Thieves Steal Their Precious Time

What stops wedding planners from reaching their goals? Time thieves.

In a previous post I wrote about scheduling your action plan items to accomplish the 2010 goals you have set for your wedding planning business. But often, we allow minutes, then hours, to get stolen by some common things that occur during the day.

Here are 7 common time thieves:

1) Email, Text, and Instant  Messages – You could be working away then get a buzz or ping that you have an email or a message. Do you read and answer it right away? Unless you are expecting an urgent message, resist the urge to read and respond immediately. One email or message could turn into a series and soon you’ll be wondering where your time went.

2) Social Media – You should be active on sites such as Twitter and Facebook but stick to a schedule, don’t disrupt your workflow to check it every five minutes.

3) Phone Calls – Don’t let calls interrupt your work. Most productive people set aside a block of time during the day to make and return business calls. Also, be sure you only make personal calls during off hours.

4) Computer Games – Playing computer games can be very addictive, hours can go by before you realize it. Don’t get involved in FaceBook games such as Farmville because not only do they steal time, they give your clients a bad impression about you when they see your Farmville status on your “Wall”.

5) Clutter – If your workspace is disorganized and cluttered, you will spend a lot of time looking for “lost” items. Get tips on clearing your office clutter from my previous post.

6) Television – Another habit that can steal a lot of time from your day. Record or “tivo” any programs you want to see during your working hours and watch them later.

7) Family, Friends, and Neighbors – Unless you make it clear to people that you are unavailble and working during specific hours, you will have interruptions. Ask people to respect your work time. Ask family members, sitters, or nannies to help you with young children whenever possible.

What are your time thieves and how do you handle them?

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