Become a Top Wedding Planner – Ring Out the Old Clutter Before You Ring in the New Year


Wedding Planner in a Cluttered Office

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to organize your workspace and clear it of clutter to make room for new inspiration, work relationships, and clients.

Here are 7 key areas to work on:

1) Desk – You should be able to see the top of your desk. If you can’t, toss anything you don’t need and file remaining papers, business cards, and notes in their proper places. Also, make sure your business receipts are properly recorded and filed in case your bookkeeper or accountant needs to review them.

2) Client Binders – Be sure your binders don’t have loose papers, sticky notes, and business cards falling out of them. File notes appropriately. Get plastic sheets that hold business cards and put them into the binder. Shelve binders neatly and make sure the spines have the names of your clients and their wedding dates so you don’t have to take them off the shelf to see what they are.

3) Bulletin Boards – If you keep photos, notes, clippings, and fabric samples on cork or magnetic boards, make sure items from past weddings are filed or tossed so you have plenty of room for all of the new weddings you will be planning in 2010.

4) Phone – Have you stored a lot of voice mail messages from friends or clients so you can refer back to them later? Jot down any important messages about your weddings and keep them in your client binders. Note any important calls you haven’t returned and make sure you get back to those people as soon as possible. Then delete messages that you no longer need.

5) Computer – Clear your computer desktop of files you have placed there “temporarily”. Check files for documents, photos and videos you no longer need and delete them or save them to an external hard drive to free up space on your computer.

6) Email – Clean out your Inbox. Delete any spam. Answer anyone you haven’t responded to. Unsubscribe to any lists that are sending emails that you no longer have the time to read. File anything of importance.

7) Old Issues of Wedding Magazines – Tear out useful articles and keep them in binders or clippings files according to subject matter. Or, scan them into your computer so they are available to you there. If you must save entire issues, purchase magazine holders from an organizing store and put them on your bookshelf.

Do a little organizing and decluttering everyday this week and your space will be clear and you will be ready to take on all the business coming your way in 2010.

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