Become a Top Wedding Planner – Select the Correct Wedding Reception Tables


At a wedding reception, the shape of the tables your bride uses can make a difference on how much space she has for her guests interact and move about. The Fall/Winter 2010 issue of  the local editions of The Knot magazine have a guide to selecting tables and give the pros and cons of each. Here are some of their ideas:

Banquet Tables – Rectangular tables that are much longer than they are wide


  • They can seat a lot of people.
  • They can be arranged in many ways to use the space effectively.


  • You cannot have large centerpieces because the tables are narrow.
  • It’s difficult for guests to talk to anyone who isn’t seated directly next to them or across for them.

Round or Square Tables


  • Linens are easy to find so your brides will have a wide selection to chose from without having to special order what she wants.
  • Your bride can assign guests to tables but won’t to assign specific seats becasue guests can easily select the seats thaey want.


  • Unless you can seat on only one side of round tables or three sides of a square, guests will have to turn their chairs to see the bride and groom.
  • If there are a lot of tables, it can be hard for guests and servers to squeeze between them. And, they may take up part of the space your bride wants for her dance floor.

Mixing Shapes and Sizes


  • Adds interest to the look of the reception space.
  • You can work with the venue to use different sized tables to accommodate the more guests in less space.


  • You have to know how to mix the tables. Unless you are used to working at a venue, ask the venue manager for help. You want the floor plan to look well thought-out, not like a hodge-podge of missed-matched tables.
  • The more different kinds of linens you need to rent for the different table shapes, the more likely there could be a mistake in your order.

Get more ideas about selecting the right tables for your brides’ weddings in the magazine.

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