Become a Top Wedding Planner – Selecting the Right Booth at Bridal Shows and Wedding Fayres at a bridal show in January

 As you know, the holiday season is also “Engagement Season,” the time in which a  majority of couples get engaged. To help them start planning their weddings, many bridal shows are scheduled for the early months of a New Year. Bridal show producers might start contacting you now to get you to invest in booths at their upcoming events.  An article in the November 2010 issue of Exhibitor magazine talked about the important factors to consider when selecting booth space.   

 Here are 4 of the factors mentioned in the article:   

 1) Proximity to hall entrances and exits   

You need to find out which doors attendees will be using to enter and leave the show. The floorplan may show doors that may not be accessible during the actual event so be sure you ask show management how people will flow into, and out of, the exhibit area.   

 2) Main traffic aisles   

 Areas that feature food and drink often draw the biggest crowds. Find out the route attendees will take to get to those areas so you can be where the crowds gather.   

 3) Columns and obstructions   

 When you review the floorplan, check for columns,  fire hose cabinets, electrical panels and other obstructions that may affect your booth space.   

 4) Main versus ancillary halls   

 Ask if there is more that one exhibit room and, if so, what show management will do to get people to go from one room to another.   

 Take the time to review the floorplan and ask questions of show management before you invest time and money in an exhibit.   

 If you want to learn more about exhibiting in bridal shows, I have an Action Guide that helps you set up and and market your services successfully at bridal shows and wedding fayres. You can find out more about here.   


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