Become a Top Wedding Planner – Share “The Cardinal Rules of Wedding Dress Shopping”


Say Yes to the Dress - Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Experienced wedding planners offer wedding dress shopping as a service to their brides. Whether this is a service you want to offer or if you just want to give tips to your brides, you might want to catch episodes of the television show, “Say Yes to the Dress,” on TLC, which features brides shopping at Kleinfeld in New York.

In the latest episode, Kleinfeld Fashion Director, Randy Fenoli, offered “The Cardinal Rules of Wedding Dress Shopping.” Here are his rules, you might want to pass along to your brides:

1) “Don’t try on a dress that is outside of your budget”

A bride will inevitably fall in love with one she cannot afford and will be very disappointed when she cannot have it.

2) “Don’t keep secrets from the bridal consultant”

If the bride has already seen something somewhere else that she likes, she should let the store consultant know so she can work with her.

3) “Leave the entourage at home”

It’s ok to bring a friend or family member but the more people a bride brings, the more opinions she will hear and the more confused she might be.

4) “Once you find a dress, stop shopping”

Some brides keep shopping because they are afraid they will miss their “perfect dress.”  According to Kleinfeld’s, 90% of the brides who keep shopping actually stick to their original choice.

5) “Don’t get your heart set on a dress you saw in a magazine”

The bride should keep an open mind and try on a few dresses. The one she saw in a magazine might not suit her when she tries it on.

Watch a video of a bride who wanted a particular dress in this clip from Say Yes to the Dress.

6) “Always wear underwear (when trying on wedding dresses)”

Kleinfeld Manhattan is having one of their famous Big Blowout sales on Tuesday, April 27, 2010. You can read about it on their website.

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