Become a Top Wedding Planner – Should You Juggle Multiple Niches?


Wedding Planner Juggling Niches

A new wedding planner I was talking with told me she had decided to market to three niches instead of just one. She thought that by having multiple niches, she could make more money. She planned to reach brides in all three niches with the same website, blog, Facebook Fan page and Twitter account.

My question to her was; “How are you going to successfully market to more that one niche with the same marketing message?”

For example, if she selects a niche with DIY brides and one with brides who are corporate executives, they are not going to be interested in the same services from her. The DIY bride may be interested in creating most of her wedding herself and having a wedding planner coordinate her wedding on the “day of.” While the corporate executive bride wants to hire someone whom she can rely on to coordinate all of the details while she is busy at work. So the wedding planner with a “generic” marketing message could end up not having either of them as clients.

If this wedding planner keeps all three niches, she will have to create wedding services and packages for each different niche, create marketing and advertising messages that attracts each niche and create separate websites, blogs and social networking accounts.

You might see some celebrity wedding planners successfully working a lot of different niches and creating a wide variety of products but remember they have been in the business for a long time. Also, they have staff who can handle all of the different parts of their businesses for them. When you juggle multiple niches yourself, you spread yourself too thin and end up not being profitable in any area.

The bottom line for you, if you are a new wedding planner is – do research and select a profitable niche. Then create the services and packages the brides in your niche need and invest your time and energy in selling them.

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