Become a Top Wedding Planner – Skills Wedding Planners Need to Be Successful


The current issue of Northern California Meetings + Events magazine has an article written by top Sacramento event strategist and stylist, Kevin Cohee, about the secret skills professional wedding and event planners must possess.

Here are 3 that he mentioned:

1) Writing

At one time a wedding planner had to write proposals, contracts, a marketing brochure and an occasional letter. You still need to write those things but with so much marketing being done on the Internet, you also now need to write blog posts, web content, articles, emails, Tweets and posts on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Kevin mentioned that early in his career, he had a journalist friend check his writing. Not a bad idea, but if you don’t have a journalist friend,  and you feel your writing skills leave something to be desired, consider taking a writing class.

2) Math

You can hire a bookkeeper and accountant to help you with your finances but when you are working with your brides and their vendors you need to be able to do math. Be sure you can understand how to calculate the amount of floorspace, table linens, food, beverage, electricity, chairs, tables and much more, that you need. Yes, vendors will calculate things for you but you also want to be able to do it yourself so you know your bride is getting what she needs.

3) Knowledge of food and beverage

Don’t rely on caterers to do all of the food and beverage selections with your brides. You should do your homework so you can speak intelligently about food and drink and know the latest trends for weddings. Kevin said he goes to Farmers’ Markets, ethnic markets, fine grocery stores and, he watches the Food Network to learn about food.

I also recommending eating at a variety of different types of restaurants, reading food magazines such as Bon Appetit and learning about options available for people on dietary restrictions due to health (allergic reactions to food) or by choice (vegan).

Kevin also mentions that all planners should know about contracts and the liability and legal issues associated with having weddings and other events in public spaces.

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