Become a Top Wedding Planner – Staffing Your Bridal Show Booth


 A new wedding planner tweeted me asking whether or not she should allow someone to work in her bridal show booth to give them experience. She also mentioned that she was afraid the person would take her ideas.

It is very generous to offer to give experience to someone who wants to be a wedding planner. However, when you are new, you probably are not ready to take on an intern. It is already stressful making sure you get everything done properly. You don’t want someone working with you who does not know what they are doing and needs to be heavily supervised.

If you are an experienced wedding planner, it still is not always a good idea to take an intern with you to work in your booth. Booth staff needs to be knowledgeable about your business and the services you offer, know what it takes to plan and manage weddings, and they need to be able to answer questions from attendees. For a bride, there is nothing worse than asking questions of someone only to be told they need to wait in line and talk to someone else. Your booth staff represents your company, you need people who are intelligent, polite and professional.

If you are concerned that a person you are considering hiring might take your ideas, you should NOT be hiring them to work in your booth or any other position in your company.  You need to be honest and ethical and demand that the people who work for you, and with you, be the same. There is no room for dishonesty in this business.

If you have more questions about staffing your bridal show booth or want information on how to be a successful exhibitor, check out my Action Guide, “Exhibiting at Bridal Shows and Wedding Expos.” You will learn about selecting and training your staff along with how to set up your booth and what to do to market your business before, during and after a show so you get the results that you want. You can read more about it here. . .

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