Become a Top Wedding Planner – Steal Ideas from the New Shape Bride Magazine


Wedding Planners - Get Tips for Your Brides from Shape Bride

As a wedding planner you want to keep up with the magazines that brides are reading. One that just hit the newsstands is Shape Bride, published by the editors of Shape magazine. Like Shape, the magazine is mostly focused on health and fitness with articles on exercise and weight loss. But there are also articles on bridal fashion, beauty, celebrity brides, conquering stress and handling financial issues in a marriage.

There are two articles you that can help you in working with your brides. One gives a timeline for when a bride should make appointments for beauty treatments such as hair cuts and colors, spray tans and teeth whitening. You can include this information in the timelines that you create for your brides. Another article that will give you helpful ideas is on handling last-minute beauty emergencies that come up for a bride such as blisters from new shoes, pimples, and too much self-tanner.

Get information about the magazine and get more tips for your brides on the Shape Bride website.

Wedding Planners - Get Ideas for Your Brides from Shape Bride

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