Become a Top Wedding Planner – Steal Ideas from the Television Show "Platinum Weddings"


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“Platinum Weddings”

My last post described a television show in which wedding planners handled weddings on tight budgets. The same television network, WEtv, also has the show “Platinum Weddings” which features wedding planners handling high-end weddings for couples who don’t worry about money.

One of their latest episodes featured Natasha and Raffie, a couple with a $500,000 wedding budget for items such as custom wedding attire and custom diamond jewelry, a celebrity floral designer, and gourmet food at a reception in the ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California. The wedding had a Midsummer Nights Dream theme which was done in ivory and champagne colors with crystals, candles, 50,000 roses and 10,000 orchids.

Your couples may not have access to half a million dollars but watching the show will inspire you to add some creative, beautiful touches for your weddings.

In the video above, the wedding planner for this event makes suggestions for adapting ideas to smaller budgets. Notice at the end of the video, the couple appear to be dancing in a “cloud” – it is actually dried ice.

Go to the WeTV website to learn more about the show.

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