Become a Top Wedding Planner – Steal These Ideas from the Winner of "Battle of the Wedding Planners"


Wedding on TLC's "Battle of the Wedding Planners"

If you saw “Battle of the Wedding Planners” on The Learning Channel television network last week, you saw three planners competing for the chance to plan the wedding of one couple.  Spoiler alert!  The winner was well-known wedding and event planner, Steve Kemble.

Here are some reasons why the other two planners might have lost:

  • Venues the planners selected for the couple didn’t work.  One was in an undesirable area with homeless on the street and noisy buses driving by.  It did not appear large enough for their number of guests and was not romantic.  The other venue, though attractive, was full of bees.  Don’t just select based on price, get creative, think about your couple’s personality and find something that would suit them.
  • The bride did not even want to try some of the catering offered by one planner.  You would, of course, check with a couple to know their likes, dislikes and food allergies before arranging a tasting.
  • One planner appeared to get flustered when asked questions.  To avoid this, you need to carefully review any selections you bring to a couple so you are well prepared and confident when you are presenting your ideas.

Here are some ways Steve won the clients:

  • His experience with different types of weddings and and a variety of budgets gave the couple a good feeling.  Make sure your potential clients know what you have done.  Show them your portfolio, feature past events on your website, and show them testimonials.
  • The couple trusted him. A way of getting couples to know, like, and trust you is to network both online and offline.  Online, have a blog in which you offer tips and show photos from your work, use Twitter and have a fan page on Facebook.  Offline, attend events that put you in front of your target market but don’t “sell” to them all of the time, just get to know people.
  • He understood what they really wanted, not just what they said he wanted. You need to make sure you are listening closely to what a couple says to you. Sometimes, when they are on a tight budget, they don’t know the possibilities of what they can have and think very small.  It’s up to you to get at the heart of what they really want for their wedding and create it on their budget.
  • His relationships with high-quality vendors and his negotiation skills helped him meet his budget.  This is why you need to have a network of wedding vendors whom you work with frequently and with whom you can negotiate.

So take your cues from the winner, get a variety of experience and let people know it, develop trust, listen carefully, and have a network of responsible vendors that you can depend on to give high-quality service.

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