Become a Top Wedding Planner – Steal These Marketing Ideas from Wedding Photographers


Stay in touch with a bride and plan her baby's first party

Competition is stiff among wedding photographers and in order to survive, many have come up with new services to sell and new ideas on how to sell their services.  A few of things they do and how you can use their ideas for your wedding planing business:

  • Expand their services.  Event though they are wedding photographers, they also photograph other type of events.  You can plan other social events and business events.
  • Keep in touch with couples and take their babies’ portraits and photograph their birthday parties.   Your contact with the bride should continue also as she may need you to plan baby showers or birthday and anniversary parties.
  • During a difficult negotiation, one photographer offered a discount to a bride on Facebook if she agreed to “friend” him and put his photographs on her pages.  You might want to offer some additional consulting time instead of a discounts when you do any type of negotiation.

You can read the article in The New York Times website.

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