Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Negotiation Tips You Can Steal From a Trump


Wedding Planner Negotiating Deal

A big part of your job as a wedding planner is to help your clients negotiate good deals with wedding vendors.  I just finished reading The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life by Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump.  She is an accomplished businesswoman herself and gave tips on negotiating deals, five of which I thought would help you as you work with wedding vendors:

#1. Be prepared

Research the prices and services this and other similar vendors offer.  Know what is possible and available so you can speak with intelligence.

#2. Know what you want

Are you trying to get a lower price?  How much lower would work for the bride’s budget?   Would you be willing to get extra services instead of a lower price?  Decide, in advance, what would work for you and your client.

#3. Make sure you are negotiating with the right person

You don’t want to waste time negotiating with someone who can’t make a decision then end up having to start all over again.  Be sure your client is the one who can make the final decision regarding spending also.  You don’t want to get a good deal only to find out the bride has to ask someone else for approval.

#4. Try to read the person across the table from you

The idea of a negotiation is come up with a deal that works for both sides.  Think about the vendor, what would and wouldn’t make sense for them?  How could you get what you and your client need while still being fair?  Remember that you may want to work with this vendor in the future.

#5. Know when to walk away

The vendor has the advantage if they are the only choice you are willing to consider.  It is best if you and your client are willing to go somewhere else if this deal doesn’t work.   Talk to your client, in advance, about alternatives if negotiations don’t go well.  If your client only wants this vendor, let her know that she will have to be more willing to accept the deal that is presented to her.

Use these tips when you are negotiating a deal to get a client also.

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