Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Steps to Starting Your Business When You’re a Perfectionist


Since you have chosen to be a wedding planner, you’re probably someone who has the tendency to be a perfectionist. You plan to work hard at making sure everything is perfect for your brides. You are also trying to make sure everything is perfect when you start your business, you want to have all the answers to the questions you will be asked, you want the perfect vendor network, website, business cards, etc.

This means you are probably aren’t as effective at starting or moving forward with your business as you could be, because you haven’t found perfection.

Here are 5 steps you need to take to get yourself to move forward quickly:

1) Set deadlines

Yes, you do need edit and review what you print or launch on the Internet to promote your business, but set deadlines, don’t let yourself endlessly check for errors. Edit and check things a few times, ask someone else to look at them, then take action. Get small quantities of anything you print, such as business cards and brochures, in case you do want to make a change within a short time. And remember that you or your webmaster can easily and quickly fix mistakes on your website and blog. You can’t get business until you introduce yourself to the world.

2) Realize you don’t need to know absolutely everything before taking action

Because of the Internet, there’s a lot of information out about everything. It can be overwhelming and you might start to believe that you need to read, understand and know everything about being a wedding planner and starting a business before you take action, or you won’t be any good. It’s not possible to absorb all of the information available because it’s constantly changing. Decide what you need to know, get that information and move forward.

 3) Enlist a supporter

Find someone who is good at taking action and getting things accomplished, and ask them to help you do the same. (Offer to help them with one of their projects in exchange for their time.) Make sure they are someone who is firm, but not a bully. You want someone who helps you, not someone who makes you feel small.

4) Stop self-criticism

You are just starting your business, give yourself a break. Notice how well you have done to get this far, not what you haven’t done or should have done differently in the past. If something didn’t work in the past, that experience is helping you make better decisions today. 

5) Focus on excellence, not perfection

When you try to be perfect, you are not letting yourself make any mistakes. This can make you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unable to move forward.

You will find that when you strive instead to be excellent, or to work with excellence, you won’t stop action when something doesn’t go as planned. Instead you’ll find that you’ll keep moving forward towards your goals and will accomplish them more quickly.

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