Become a Top Wedding Planner – Success Tips from Oprah’s Life


Can you learn about having a successful wedding planning business from Oprah Winfrey? I think so. She was interviewed by Barbara Walters in a show that aired last night, “Oprah – The Next Chapter” and we got some insights into how she lives, works and thinks that can help lead you to the success you want: 

1) Give 100% all of the time

Oprah believed she had an obligation to her audience, who had spent time and money traveling to see her on her show, to be totally present for them. Your brides also deserve your time and attention. It’s important to be on time for appointments, meet your commitments and treat clients with reverence and respect.

2) Be a good listener

Dr. Oz, once a frequent guest on Oprah’s show and now a host of a show of his own, said she was a good listener who not only heard what the other person was saying but also tap into their thoughts and emotions.  When you speak to brides about their weddings, tune into them totally so you really understand what they want and not just what they say they want.

3) Don’t make your work just about money

You might think this is easy for Oprah to say, but people who are very successful in their business will tell you the same thing. They would do what they are doing whether they got paid for it or not. Hopefully that is why you are planning weddings. (And, no, it doesn’t mean you should undercharge.)

4) Seek the fullest expression of yourself in your lifetime

Most people only use about 10% of their full potential, Oprah asks God to to use her until she is used up. She works hard, she faces her fears and she takes action. Can you do the same?

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