Become a Top Wedding Planner – Take Notes When Watching the Royal Wedding


As I write this, the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton is just hours away. Whether you will watch it live or later in the day, the first time you see it, relax and enjoy it. When you see it another time, and I know we all will see it more than once, get out your notebook and take notes on the wedding details. Brides will want to duplicate aspects of the Royal Wedding and will want you to help them do it.

Here are 7 details you should take note of while you watch:

1) The wedding dress

Of course, we all want to see Kate Middleton’s dress. A few hours after the wedding, someone will have copied it and have plans for selling it at an affordable price. Keep you eyes open for those copies, you may have a bride interested in purchasing one. (A.B.S. Allen Schwartz and David Tutera by Faviana are two companies that often quickly duplicate famous wedding dresses.)

2) Tiara, jewelry and veil

We don’t know yet if Kate will wear a tiara and, if she does, what it will look, like but if your bride wants a tiara and accessories that look like Kate’s, most bridal salons can help her and many companies also sell them online. (Jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane often copies expensive jewelry and makes it affordable. His items can be found at high-end department stores and online.)

3) Hair and makeup

Talk to the stylists in your vendor network about helping your brides get Kate’s wedding day look.

4) Bridesmaids dresses

After Princess Diana married Prince Charles, many brides had their attendants dress in attire similar to the bridesmaids and flower girls in that Royal Wedding. Again, keep an eye out for places to get copies so you can suggest them to your brides.

5) The ceremony and music

You can find the ceremony and the hymns in the Official Programme. This is a great souvenir from the Westminster Abbey website that also has photos of Prince William and Kate, their coat of arms, and it talks about previous royal weddings.

6) Bouquets and floral arrangements

Most high-quality florists should be able to replicate Kate’s bouquet.

Plants and trees were brought into Westminster Abbey to create an English garden. While your brides may not be able to create something as lavish at their weddings, they may have an interest in adding more floral arrangements, plants and trees to their ceremony sites.

7) Food and cake

We already know there will be two wedding cakes. Expect there to be more interest in groom’s cakes since Prince William chose to have one.

We don’t get to see too many Royal Weddings so have fun watching it and let it inspire you to help your couples plan weddings that will make them feel like royalty.

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