Become a Top Wedding Planner – The Ancient Greece Wedding Theme on “My Fair Wedding”


For the season finale of celebrity wedding planner David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding,” he created a wedding with theme of ancient Greece. The bride had been in love with movie,”Clash of the Titans” since she was young and was marrying a man of Greek heritage. They wanted a wedding in which guests would think that they had been transported to ancient Greece. (They wore Grecian-style wreaths on their heads to meet David for the first time.)

David nixed the wedding favors of chocolate Greek coins with the profile of the groom and proceeded to create a wedding worthy of a Greek goddess.

Here is what he did – you can get ideas for the weddings that you plan, whether or not they have an ancient Greek theme:

Wedding Dress

David did not feel that the bride’s gown reflected the theme of the wedding, so he chose a couture gown for her. (Sometimes a bride forgets that her dress should also carry out the theme of the wedding so you should help her keep this in mind when she shops.) The gown, from Chagoury Couture, was strapless, had a rusched bodice with bias strips and a long skirt with rosettes, the bride is wearing it in the photo with David below.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

The bride had chosen Grecian themed long, one-shouldered dresses for her attendants which they didn’t like. She allowed them to select their own, short black sleeveless dresses with no connection to the theme. David made a bold style move and placed the entire wedding party in white. The chiffon dresses, from Thread, had an empire waist and gold trim. They were similar to the dress, below, that I found in the Luxe Collection – Etheral on their website.

The Venue

The bride had chosen her venue online and had never been to it before she and David went for a site visit. It was a lovely, private home in Malibu that, again, did not look anything like ancient Greece. Dave chose Castle Green, in Pasadena, California, and set both the ceremony and the reception outdoors.

For the ceremony, guests, who had been asked to dress all in white, sat in white chiavari chairs, bright pink flowers (which the bride and bridesmaids also carried) atop white Grecian columns defined the space. The altar area was small so attendants sat in the front rows during the ceremony. The couple gave each other a single red rose, their first gift to each other as husband and wife. When the couple kissed, white doves were released into the air. (Some locations do not allow the releasing of doves or butterflies so check with the venue before you and the bride plan to do this.)

For the reception, also all in white, each table which was filled with flowers and vases of fruit, sat under a tent so guests had the feeling of having their own feast. David used Raj Tents, who I have worked with before and mentioned in a previous post. I totally recommend using them, their tents and lighting are beautiful and they are very professional and will take excellent care of you and your clients, even though you are not David and don’t have a television show.

Wedding Cake

The custom designed wedding cake by Cakes By the Pound was white with gold and resembled Grecian architecture.

David created an ethereal, romantic, mystical wedding for his bride and groom.

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4 Responses to “Become a Top Wedding Planner – The Ancient Greece Wedding Theme on “My Fair Wedding””


    Except that the architecture of the cake isn’t ancient Greece architecture, more Byzantine! David is by far my favorite celebrity wedding planner. He is the only one who manages to put a lot of stuff in a wedding decor without looking tacky.


    Hi Rosanna,

    True, the cake designer probably was trying to match the look of the reception. The bride and groom didn’t seem to mind.


    Hi Sharon,

    I think you’re both right! Eastern Orthodox, from which Greek Orthodox churches originate, is very much associated with Byzantium. Check out just about any Greek Orthodox church and you’ll see that the cake resembles it in many ways.



    Hi Tasha,

    Thanks for your comment.

    It’s good when everyone is right!


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