Become a Top Wedding Planner – The Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiating with Vendors


If you haven’t done very many business negotiations in the past, you will certainly be doing it as a wedding planner. Brides often hire wedding planners because they need someone to help them negotiate good deals the wedding vendors.

 Here are some basic do’s and don’ts of negotiating:


1) Know what your bride wants

Go to the meeting with a clear understanding of what your bride wants.

2) Research prices, services and options before you go into a negotiation

Know all you can about the vendor you will be dealing with. Find out about their services and packages and learn about their industry. If you are able to speak confidently and intelligently, they will know you are serious about doing business and be more open to negotiation.

3) Understand your bride’s budget

You must know how much she is willing to spend to get what she wants. Sometimes a bride is willing to spend a little more on one area, and cut back in another, to get something she feels she “must have.”


1) Think that you must accept the “advertised” price

Find out if there is room for negotiation based on season, quantity of your order or other circumstances you unveiled in your research.

2) Be afraid to ask questions

If you don’t understand something about services or their prices, don’t hesitate to ask.

3) Get stuck

If the vendor can’t budge on the price, try being creative. If your bride is open to it, find out if the the vendor can add a service or product to the deal.


Act professionally, be honest and ethical and put your agreement in writing after the negotiations.

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