Become a Top Wedding Planner – The Pirate Themed Wedding on “My Fair Wedding”


Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera was alarmed that his bride on the show, “My Fair Wedding,” had chosen a pirate themed wedding style that was not only “themey” but also wasn’t the pretty, romantic style that most brides want to create. But he followed the personality of the bride, as you should also do, and gave her a wedding that was beyond what she could even have imagined.

Here is what he did:

Changed the bride’s dress

David felt his bride had chosen a dress that made her look like a bar wench, instead of a bride. He selected a dress from his line, the “Carrie,” shown at the top of this post, which had been designed to look like the dress Carrie Bradshaw wore when she went to marry Mr. Big in the first “Sex and the City” movie.

Changed the bridesmaids’ dresses

The bride had chosen what David considered boring dresses in a “latte” color. David gave them long dresses with gold bodices and jewel-toned skirts that they were able to get for the eleven bridesmaids in three days. The dresses come in different lengths and colors that can be worn a variety of ways to flatter the figure of each woman. Pictured here is the back of a short version from the Two Birds Bridesmaids website. David had the backs twisted like this in the back because it resembles a pirate’s rope.  

An entire “glam squad” was brought in to do the hair and makeup for all of the women in the bridal party. (It’s important to have enough hair and makeup artists to do everyone in time.)

Changed the venue

David used a movie lot with one sound stage set up for the ceremony and one for the reception. He decorated in deep, rich jewel tones. The ceiling was filled with chandeliers, some of them looking like they had crashed. The flowers had a messy look, like they would in a pirate’s lair.  Tabletops were made to look like pirates had just stolen all the jewels out of a treasure chest and threw them on the tables, they were full of gold coins and jewel-toned crystals that looked like gem stones.

Added entertainment

Aerialists hung upside down from chandeliers and poured drinks for the guests.

Personalized the ceremony

Probably the most meaningful thing David did was incorporate something from the bride’s story in the wedding ceremony. When he and the bride met, she had shown him a box full of dines. She had lost her dad and she said she believed when loved ones who have passed are visiting you, they leave dimes. ( There are references to this on the Internet.) So her dimes were signs of visits from her dad. (She had found a dine the day she found out she was chosen to be on the show.) This story inspired David to have the flower girl drop dimes down the aisle instead of flower petals.

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