Become a Top Wedding Planner – The Purple Princess Bride Wedding on “My Fair Wedding”


What if you were planning a wedding for a bride who had a vision of everything being purple? That is who celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, had in his recent show. His bride wanted to be a princess on her wedding day and chose to do everything in purple, including her wedding gown. She had chosen the color purple because she knew it was the color of royalty.

Here is how David planned and designed the wedding. His comments can help you will the weddings that you plan:

Wedding Theme

David made the wedding more about the bride being a princess than concentrating on the color. He gave her a wedding in Disneyland, complete with having her arrive in a glass coach. (David has a relationship with Disney Weddings and has designed some of their packages.)

Wedding Gown

David changed the gown to one that was a shade of white. He explained to the bride if she wore purple at a purple wedding, she would not stand out. (Something to think about if your bride is very enthusiastic about her color theme and wants to wear it too.)

Wedding Shoes

Since a princess should have glass slippers, David had a pair of shoes custom made that included a violet strap in the front, a blue strap in the back, for “something blue,” and a clear heel, at a height she choose, to give the look of a glass slipper. If your brides are looking for something special, you might refer them to this site.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

The bridesmaids had silver and purple dresses they did not like because they had waited until the last minute, just six weeks prior to the wedding, to order them. In fact, the bride had not even seen what they looked like. David chose purple dresses that flattered their figures.

Learn more about the vendors for this show on the WEtv website.

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