Become a Top Wedding Planner – The Wedding Planner Uniform


  What A Wedding Planner Should Wear at a Wedding

What do wedding planners usually wear on the wedding day?  If you saw the film Bride Wars, which I wrote about on a blog post last week, you’ll notice that the wedding planner and her entire staff were all dressed in black.  Typically, wedding planners, women and men, wear all black suits.  Whether or not you wear black is a decision you make according to your preference, the bride’s, and the traditions being upheld at the wedding – some cultures believe one should only wear black at funerals.

Whatever you decide to wear, follow these basic rules:

  • Wear comfortable shoes that look professional and are clean and polished.
  • Make sure your outfit is professional-looking and is something that allows you to bend, stretch, kneel and climb a step-stool or ladder.
  • Your hair, nails and makeup should be neat and clean.  If you look disheveled, people will assume you are disorganized.

Your future clients may be guests at a wedding you plan so make sure you, and your staff, always act and look professional.

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