Become a Top Wedding Planner – Tips from Television Show "Wedded to Perfection"


What’s it like to be a top wedding planer and run a business that has been featured in magazines like Vogue and InStyle Weddings?  The Learning Channel gave us a glimpse of the answer in last night’s show, Wedded to Perfection.  It followed well-known New York City wedding and event planner Jung Lee and her husband Josh Brooks, owners of company Fete, as they planned two high end weddings (most of their couples spend $200,000 to a million on their Big Day).  In case you did not see the show, some important points about being top planners that you can learn from them:

  • Make sure you are clear on what the bride and groom want. One couple wanted “chic and modern”, Jung found out what that meant to them, she didn’t assume she knew.
  • If you design any part of the decor, show it to the couple (don’t just tell then about it), get their input, then give them exactly what they ask for.
  • Even though Jung and her staff worked hard on perfecting their designs and she thought they did a great job, she knew it was more important that the couple like it.
  • One couple was interviewed and they commented that they appreciated the way Jung personalized every aspect of planning their wedding.  So, remember that is it is all about your clients and what they want.

You can see some of Jung’s wedding in her book, Fete: The Wedding Experience.

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