Become a Top Wedding Planner – Twitter Do’s and Don’ts When Your Followers are Brides


Do you ask brides to follow you on Twitter?

Most wedding planners have a link on their websites and blogs, and even in the signature of their email accounts, asking brides to follow them. But then they forget that potential clients are reading their tweets and don’t always tweet professionally.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s of tweeting when brides can read what you write 24/7:


Do keep a separate, personal account if you want to use Twitter to talk to friends

The account linked to your website and blog should be for professional contacts.

Do tweet links to your latest blog posts

Twitter is a great way to attract brides to your blog. Post the title and the link to your blog page or use an automatic service such as twitterfeed or Twitter Tools, if you have a blog.

Do connect with other wedding planners and vendors

Many wedding planners have “met” their network on Twitter so exchange ideas and get to know wedding professionals from all over the world. Retweet their posts if they have written information that is relevant to your followers.

Do share information and tips that would be helpful for brides

You want the brides who follow you to see that you are an expert at wedding planning.


Don’t whine or complain about clients or other wedding vendors

It will appear that you are petty and may be difficult to work with.

Don’t tweet anything that a bride or anyone else might find offensive

Remember that once the message has been sent, it’s out here forever.

Don’t discuss other jobs you have

While it is not unusual to have a job when you are first starting your wedding planning business, refrain from talking about it in your tweets. Brides will be concerned that you are not focused.

Don’t ask questions that a professional wedding planner should know

I’ve seen new planners ask for information about writing proposals and contracts. When a bride sees this she will know you are inexperienced and not ready to take clients. And don’t tweet the same question to every wedding planner you are following. Remember that everyone can see all of your tweets and may not appreciate that they are just one of many you asked. Everyone likes to help, but be respectful of brides and your peers.

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