Become a Top Wedding Planner – Understand What “The Sky’s the Limit” Really Means


Hoping a bride will tell you “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to her budget? Be careful. I’ve been told that a few times when planning events only to find out that there definitely was a budget limit, and it wasn’t at all sky high!

In one case the event was a shower that was to being given by the family of the bride. The mother had been very ill and said she wanted to really celebrate, “the sky’s the limit”, and wanted an open bar, lavish catering, gifts and custom linens, the works. I was fairly new at the time so I was very excited, did all sorts of research on colors, venues, decor, etc. I never nailed down what “the sky” was to her in terms of budget. When I presented my proposal, she loved the ideas but said there was no way she was  going to spend more than $500 on the party!

In another case, an agency, whose talent I often hired for weddings and other events, brought me in to plan a party in which their client wanted to “spare no expense.” Although we started planning that way, she changed her mind after a few weeks. I did help her with some coordination but she basically did a party with take out food.

So, when you are working with a bride or other clients and they said “the sky’s the limit,” or words to that effect, ask them to be more specific so you can present a plan that meets their needs.

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