Become a Top Wedding Planner – Unique Venue Ideas from “Four Weddings”


The new season of TLC’s television show, “Four Weddings,” began on Friday. This is the program in which four brides agree to be guests at each others’ weddings to judge which is best. The winner then gets a fabulous honeymoon at a luxury destination.

In this new episode, two of the brides chose unique venues, an aquarium and a theater, for their weddings.

Here is what they did, their ideas might inspire you when working with your brides:


The bride and groom love the ocean so they decided to exchange vows at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, New York. But not only did they have their ceremony and reception at the aquarium, they surprised guests by running off, mid-ceremony, changing into scuba gear, getting into a cage and saying their vows in the Shark Tank.

While getting married in a tank isn’t for everyone, and probably won’t be allowed in most aquariums, couples who love the sea or sea creatures might enjoy holding their wedding at an aquarium. Check ones in your area to see if they have event space to accommodate a wedding and if they offer catering (if not, ask about bringing caterers in) and can accommodate dancing and entertainment.

Do warn your bride and groom that  if they select an aquarium, their guests’ attention may not be entirely focused on them but also on the venue.


The bride had a church wedding but chose the Crossroads Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey as the site for her reception. Guests walked the red carpet to the entrance then were photographed in front of a backdrop printed with the couple’s names, similar to what celebrities do at a premiere or awards ceremony. The cocktail hour took place right on the stage. The reception itself was in the lobby.

Theaters in your area may be available for rent between show seasons. If your couple loves the theater, this might be the perfect place for them to have their event.

Celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, planned a wedding for his “Diva” bride at an historic theater in Dallas, Texas. You can read more about it in my previous blog post.

When working with your brides and grooms to determine a venue, think about their personalities and interests. You may want to suggest a unique venue that would help them share more of themselves with their guests.

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