Become a Top Wedding Planner – Use the Web to Keep Organized



As a wedding planner, you are busy juggling information, trying to meet all of your deadlines and keeping yourself organized.

Here are two web-bases services that might help you stay on track with all of your responsibilities:

This site lets you enter all of your “to-dos” on their site then get reminders via email, Gmail, text, instant message, Google Calendar or Twitter for free. For a $25 annual fee you can use it with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile services. You might suggest your clients utilize this service so they can keep up with their timelines or do it for them as one of your services.

Evernote is like having notebooks or binders on the web. It allows you to clip web pages from your browser, take photos on your phone, leave audio notes, write to-do lists, take notes and organize all of it in your free Evernote account. Use it to clip ideas for inspiration and design that you can also share with your brides.  (There are  helpful videos on their website that will teach you how to get started.)

Wedding Planner can use Evernote to Keep Organized

Take the time to try one of these free services that can make organizing easy for you.

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