Become a Top Wedding Planner – Vegan Wedding Planning Tips from VegNews


If you think you are going to be planning a few vegan weddings and need to do some research, check out the May/June 2010 issue of VegNews magazine. It features their 10th annual wedding article and highlights the stories of eight elegant and original vegan weddings.

Here are a 4 things you can learn from the article:

1) Vegan weddings are as diverse as non-vegan weddings, they have different themes and styles, just like non-vegan weddings.

2) Couples planning vegan weddings have a commitment to cruelty-free living. They go for green and/or vintage details in their choice of venue, favors, and decor so keep this in mind during the planning process.

3) Help your couple find vendors who understand their commitment to having a vegan wedding and have had experience in this area.

4) There will always be guests who are put-off by the idea of vegan food, so just have the couple and caterer concentrate on giving guests delicious food that is attractively served.

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