Become a Top Wedding Planner – Was the Bride a “No Show” at Your Appointment?


You’ve spoken with a bride over the phone or email, or you’ve met her at a networking event or bridal show. You’ve shared some ideas, she is enthusiastic, she says she want to hire you and she books an appointment. But she doesn’t show up when you are scheduled to meet.

Is it something you said?

If you had pressured the bride into meeting you, yes. But, I’m betting most of you aren’t applying high pressure to get appointments.

You probably feel like you had a good conversation and the bride had a genuine interest in you. So why didn’t she show up?

It could be one of a number of different reasons, including these:

1) She had a last minute emergency

Things do happen to people and even with a cell phone, she might not have been able to get to you to cancel an appointment.

2) She decided she really wasn’t ready to meet with a wedding planner and didn’t know how to tell you

If you spent some time talking or emailing a bride before setting an appointment, she may have felt obligated to say, “yes,” to a meeting, then not known how to tell you she wanted to cancel, so she just didn’t show up.

3) She wasn’t the only one involved in making the decisions for the wedding and couldn’t get the other person to meet with you

If the groom or the bride’s family is involved in paying for the wedding, she will need to get them to agree to any meetings. If she did not, she won’t meet with you.

4) She just wanted answers to some questions and thought you might not talk to her unless she set up an appointment

Unfortunately, there may be a few brides who make appointments and have no intention of keeping them. You may also get brides who tell you they will hired you, hoping you’ll share more ideas, then you never hear from them again.

4 ways to minimize this problem:

1) Of course, never pressure anyone into an appointment. Brides want wedding planners they can trust, not someone who they fear is going to push them around.

2) Be sure you qualify the bride before you make the appointment. In other words, find out if she is the type of client you are looking for and needs your services. Don’t just make appointments with every bride you meet.

3) When you schedule the appointment, invite the bride to bring anyone who is involved in making the major decisions for the wedding.

4) Always call and confirm you appointments the day before the meeting. Take this opportunity to remind her of the benefits of meeting with you and thank her for taking the time to meet. If she has decided to cancel, you will know in advance and not waste your time going to the appointment.

If the bride didn’t show up, don’t assume she did it on purpose. Call or email and see if there might have been a misunderstanding and agree to set up another meeting.

If you are not able to reach her or she is hesitant, move on to someone who respects your time and wants to use your services.

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