Become a Top Wedding Planner – Watch Pro Wedding Cake Designers on “Amazing Wedding Cakes”


This past weekend WEtv started a new season of the show, Amazing Wedding Cakes,” which features some of the top cake designers in the US making wedding cakes for couples who want something other than traditional white cakes.

In the episode that is airing all week, Meri Beaucoup, in Los Angeles, California, had a bride and groom who had were into tattoo art and wanted something funky and tropical to go with their table centerpieces that included goldfish. The designers created a seven-tiered cake, airbrushed with colors of blue and green to represent water, then piped with orange buttercream koi fish.

Cakegirls, in Chicago, Illinois, created a topsy-turvy teacup cake in pink, black and gold for a very chic, fun, modern, sexy tea party bridal shower. Their shop, unfortunately, was destroyed by a fire earlier this year so they are not currently making cakes.

Christopher Garren’s Cakesin Costa Mesa, California, had a couple whose wedding theme was Steam+Punk, which is a style that combines Victorian England and Jules Verne science fiction. The cake had an antique look and featured gears, the inner-workings of a clock, a corset and a blimp. It was truly an amazing cake.

Five questions the cake designers asked the brides and grooms that your couples should be prepared to answer:

1) What are the specific design elements that you are using in the wedding?

2) What color palette do you have in mind?

3) Where is the wedding taking place?

4) How many guests are you expecting?

5) What size cake do you want? If the couple is having a smaller wedding but wants a tall cake, layers can be made of Styrofoam and covered with frosting or fondant to match the real tiers.

If your couple has an unusual theme, like Steam+Punk, have them bring photos to their meeting with the designers. Also make sure they bring their cake topper, if they have one they want the designer to use.

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