Become a Top Wedding Planner – Watch the New Season of “Four Weddings”


The TLC show, Four Weddings, returns for season two tomorrow night. This is the show in which four brides, who are strangers, agree to attend and judge each other’s weddings on the basis of food, dress, venue, originality, and overall experience. The winning bride is awarded a five-star dream honeymoon. It’s great fun to watch the show and learn the do’s and dont’s of wedding planning from the prospective of competitive brides.

The first episode will feature a wedding in which vows are exchanged in Spanish, a traditional Native American Garden ceremony, a black-tie wedding with a yacht cruise and the wedding of a bride with a laidback approach. It will be fun to see who wins and why.

Many thanks to TLC for providing  a photograph, a link to their video and information about their show.


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