Become a Top Wedding Planner – Watch the Pros on TLC’s “Battle of the Wedding Designers”

Tomorrow, Friday, June 18, 2010, is the series premire of TLC’s “Battle of the Weddings Designers.” This show has three top wedding planners competing to plan the wedding for an engaged couple on a budget. You’ll get to see the three wedding designers select a location, theme, and menu and see their ideas for decor. Then you’ll watch as they “sell” their concept to the couple and find out who gets selected to plan the wedding day.

The task for the designers on tomorrow’s episode is to plan a Greek wedding on an $18,000 budget. As you can see from the preview clip of the show above, the designers are very competitive. And though you may be competing in the future for clients, you do not want to make the catty comments about the other planners that they do on this program. It makes for great, fun television but don’t do it in real life!

The concepts the designers present might give you ideas for weddings that you plan in the future. One of them came up with the theme, “Urban Oasis Meets Timeless Tradition.” You can catch a glimspe of it in the preview clip below.

Many thanks to TLC for providing me with information about their show and the links to the clips.

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