Become a Top Wedding Planner – Ways to Get Experience and Make Money


Halloween is behind us and now we are looking forward to the holiday season, which means “Engagement Season.” I’ve blogged about this before and I hope you have been getting out and marketing yourself both online and offline so potential clients know who to call when they get engaged during the holidays.

But what if you are not ready to set up your business as a wedding planner and still want to make some money in this industry? You can do it by taking some seasonal work and helping experienced planners and other vendors who are busy with events during the holidays.

For example, yesterday a caterer I know told me she gets four times the amount of business during the holidays than she does during the rest of the year. She hires extra help to carry her through these busy times.

So check with event planners and designers, caterers, florists, venues, and others to see if you can lend a hand during this time. The work may not be glamourous, it could be just preparation, errands and behind-the-scenes work, but it will give you valuable experience and help you get ready for your own business.

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