Become a Top Wedding Planner – 6 Ways to Look Your Best Online


Though not specific to wedding planners, the Makeover issue of InStyle Magazine (wish they still published a wedding magazine) offered tips for looking the best online that will work for planners.

Here are 6 tips that apply to wedding planners, along with my comments:

 1) Avoid discussing religion and politics

Unless your target market is brides who you know you could attract by showing an affiliation to a specific religious or political group, stay away from sharing any strong opinions. Always show respect for people’s beliefs when you are online, you don’t know who may be reading your comments.

2) Google yourself

Do a search of your own name and see what comes up. You might also want to set up a Google Alert for your name and your company name so you get a message whenever they appear in a web search.

3) Think before tweeting and posting

Don’t whine, complain, swear or rant. No one wants to hire a wedding planner who is rude or has a bad attitude.

4) De-tag inappropriate and/or unprofessional photos

Facebook allows others to tag you when they post photos so monitor your wall carefully. Remove photos that don’t flatter you and any tags spammers might have used to get their inappropriate photos and content onto your wall.

5) Never tell where you are located

There are apps that can give your location to your friends and followers every time you tweet or post. Keep yourself safe and refrain from telling the world where you are every minute of the day.

6) Use a photo of yourself looking directly into the camera

People perceive people who look at them as more attractive, friendly and honest, all qualities you want brides to know are true about you.

It’s important to market online using social networking sites, just be sure you always appear at your best.

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