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When I first started my event planning business, I didn’t have a website.  It was 1998 and websites were mostly something corporations had to advertise their businesses or people had personal sites that show photos of their families.   I think my first website was designed in 2002 and I hate to admit it but I had flash animation and sound and it said the same information as my brochure.

My last two posts have been about websites and I posted a video on my YouTube channel on the same topic yesterday.  Several of you have since written to me asking more about web design so I thought I’d mention a book that I used to learn more about web design.  It’s The Non-Designer’s Web Book by Robin Williams (not the actor) and John Tolett.  It came out a few years ago but it has good basic information. You need to know the basics whether you are designing your site yourself or not.  The more you know, the more control you will have over the design and the less you will probably spend.  I have a links to purchase the book on but you can probably find it at your local library.

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