Become a Top Wedding Planner – Wedding Cake Ideas for Gay and Lesbian Weddings


Gay Wedding Cake in Traditional White

Are you planning a gay or lesbian wedding and helping the couple select a wedding cake?  They can select a traditional white wedding cake and get wedding toppers of two grooms or two brides. Or like many couples today, they can have one designed in favorite colors, the colors of their venue, or the colors and style of their theme.

In my last post, I gave tips on working with bakers from the television shows Amazing Wedding Cakes and Cake Boss.  In the Cake Boss episode, the bakers were making a wedding cake for two grooms.  It was a red, multi-tiered cake with gold lace-like bands, resembling the red velvet curtains with gold trim at their venue, a movie theater.  Check the photos of cakes at the website for the actual Cake Boss store, Carlo’s Bakery.  Don’t just look at the wedding cakes, get inspiration from cakes made for all sorts of parties, just use your imagination when you give suggestions to the couple.

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    A great way to support a same sex couple with their nuptials is to check in with our company (we’ve been specializing in same sex ceremonies for 10 years!). We offer a great selection of same sex cake toppers and we also love working with wedding planners who have not yet worked a gay or lesbian wedding, but may have questions about what is the same and what is different about the experience.


    Hi Kathryn,

    Thank you for your comment, I’ve been to your site myself for information and have been following you on twitter.

    I hope both new and experienced planners visit for more information when planning gay and lesbian weddings.



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