Become a Top Wedding Planner – Wedding Planning Ideas from the TLC show, “Four Weddings”


On tonight’s episode of the TLC show “Four Weddings,” the show in which four brides, who are strangers, agree to attend and judge each other’s weddings to win a dream honeymoon, the guest brides  proved that guests don’t always prefer elegant and elaborate over unique and creative, as long as a couple is expressing their own personalities in their weddings.

Here are 3 things they appreciated at each others weddings:

1) Unique venues

Only one bride had her wedding in a church. The others chose other types of venues; the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York, seen above, the veranda at Sand Castle in Franklin Square, New York, which looks like a green house, and a white tent in a park with a restaurant for the reception space.

2) Ceremony and reception that reflected the different cultures of the bride and groom

One bride had already married in a Muslim ceremony in Jordan, where her husband was from, and was renewing her vows in a Catholic ceremony, so her family could be present. At her reception, she had Mid-Eastern food during the cocktail hour to honor her husband’s heritage.

3) Comfort food

A casual buffet with macaroni and cheese, barbecue ribs, cornbread, grilled vegetables and salad was a surprise hit with the brides. (What they didn’t like was waiting in the long lines for food.)

When you plan a wedding, don’t always suggest traditional ways, think outside the box and talk to your bride and groom about different options.

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