Become a Top Wedding Planner – What Are You Saying on Twitter?


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I follow other wedding planners and wedding professionals on Twitter, you probably do too.  The other day I was browsing through some tweets and some pretty interesting information given out by two wedding planners.  The first, and I hope this was a joke, said something close to this: ” Brides won’t hire me because their grooms think I’m hot”.  The other planner tweeted about the progress of her fertility treatments between tweeting wedding tips for brides.  Yikes!

Some things to keep in mind when you use Twitter:

  • Never say anything you don’t want your clients, past,  present or future, to read
  • It’s okay to share some personal information, but ask yourself  if you want the world to know this before you tweet it
  • Set up a separate account to use with friends if you want to use twitter as a method to talk to them

Remember, brides Google your name when they become interested in hiring you so be sure your presence on the Internet is professional.

I would love to talk to you on twitter.  You can find me at  Just let me know you read my blog and I’ll follow you right away.

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