Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn What Brides Are Reading About 2012 Wedding Trends


Most brides learn about wedding trends from bridal magazines, and as a wedding planner, you want’ll to know what they are learning. The current issue of Bridal Guide magazine offers 2012 trends for decor, flowers, food and beverage, and more.

Here are a some trends you’ll want to know:


1) The event designers the magazine interviewed see a return to formal black-tie ceremonies as the top trend for the new year.

2) Colors will be be classic, soft colors like pale pink, cream, and champagne.

3) Lighting will be from elaborate chandeliers, hanging from trees, if outdoors, or candelabras with long tapered candles.


1) The peony will continue to be popular.

2) Centerpieces won’t be one arrangement, but a collection of vases of flowers and candles.

3) Groupings of succulents and herbs will also be popular centerpieces.


1) Seasonal food will be very popular. Couples will select their menu shortly before the wedding so they order the freshest food.

2) Traditional, upscale food, like beef Wellington, will be the choice at many receptions.

3) Couples will want perfectly paired food and wine.


1) Tasting stations that feature the couple’s favorite cocktails will be a big hit.

2) Signature cocktails will be made with unexpected liquors (such as elderberry) or garnishes (such as ginger).

3) Instead of regular ice cubes, servers will shave or cut ice as they serve beverages.


1) Edible is in, brides will choose small boxes of gourmet chocolates or mini cupcakes for their guests.

2) A candy station with bags guests can fill and take home will continue to be popular.

3) The breakfast snack will be a new favor. Guests leave for the night with a chic box full of bagels or donuts to enjoy in the next morning.

What do you think will be the top wedding trends for 2012?

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    Really do love reading your trend posts Sharon – and this one is fabulous – these finishing touches for next year sound lovely – lots of style and panache too.
    Mary x


    Hi Mary,

    Thanks. What are some of the trends in wedding photography for 2012?

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