Become a Top Wedding Planner – What Happens When They Call Off the Wedding?


Groom and Bride Decide to Cancel Their Wedding

In your business as a wedding planner, you may come up with a situation in which the bride and groom decide during the planning process not to tie the knot.

That is what happened this past weekend, NBA player Richard Jefferson called off his wedding to Kesha Ni’cole Nichols a few days before they were scheduled to marry in a reported $2million event in New York.  The bride-to-be informed her guests, the groom didn’t tell his friends until two hours before the wedding was to take place.  Many guests showed up and partied using the American Express Card he had provided to them.

What should you do if this happened to one of your couples?  Take your cues from the person who hired you, usually the bride.  If she wants you to handle the situation, make sure you:

  • Find out if the bride had taken out any wedding insurance, some companies insure against a bride or groom getting cold feet.
  • Inform guests as soon as possible, especially any who may be traveling for the wedding.
  • Contact all vendors, this could include: the venues, officiant, baker, caterer, florist,  limousine company, DJ, musicians, photographer, and videographer.
  • In case all guests cannot be reached in time, see if someone can be available at the ceremony and reception sites to inform any guests who might show up.  You and your staff might need to handle this yourselves.
  • Check all contracts, including your own, and review the cancellation policies.  The couple may be liable for the entire cost of the wedding whether or not they go forward with the event.  Let them know vendors need to be paid as soon as possible.
  • The bride may also want to hire you to handle the return of wedding gifts.

Remember to be sensitive to the emotions of your client during this time.  She or he may not only be suffering from the pain of a broken relationship but also the embarrassment of a canceled wedding.

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