Become a Top Wedding Planner – What Helps a Bride Win on TLC’s “Four Weddings”?


The answer to the question may be, “having professional wedding planners.”

On Friday night’s episode of “Four Weddings,” the bride who won mentioned at her meeting with the competition that she was very organized, had everything planned on a time schedule, and  hired two wedding planners to help her on her wedding day. The bride who came in last had her mother as her wedding planner. However no wedding was totally perfect in the eyes of the other brides.

Here are 7 of the problems that the brides complained about at each others weddings. Learning about them might help you plan great weddings in the future:

1) Dance music did not appeal to a wide variety guests

Most weddings have guests from a wide age range, talk to your brides about incorporating a variety of tunes that many would enjoy.

2) Cocktail hour food incorporated two different cultures, but no one was available to explain the choices

Guests like to know what they are eating, especially since some people have allergies and others choose not to eat certain foods. If you don’t have servers at a buffet, find a way to place attractively printed signs near chaffing dishes and catering trays to inform guests what they are eating.

3) Cocktail area was crowded and there was nowhere to sit or stand

Ask the venue about the capacity of the room that you are using and don’t forget to factor in the space needed for buffet and cocktail tables.

4) Wedding was on a holiday, July 4th

Many guests don’t like to give up their holidays to attend weddings. Make sure your couples keep this in mind if they are considering marrying on any holidays. Also, remember that travel can be difficult and rates higher during any holiday weekends.

5) Guests could not hear the ceremony at an outdoor wedding

At any wedding, verify that there is a working speaker system and test it during rehearsal and before guests arrive for the ceremony.

6) At a sunset wedding with an outdoor cocktail reception, guests were bitten by fire ants and annoyed by gnats

Insects can be a big problem at outdoor weddings and sundown seems to bring more of them out. Check with the venue to see if they can treat the area to get rid of bugs before the wedding, or burn citronella candles. Also find out if this has been a problem in the past by talking to others who have used the site during the same time of year. You might also make sure first aid for insect bites is available in the rest rooms, in case there is a problem.

7) There was one long line for the buffet

This wedding had two food stations but they were set up next to each other so guests formed only one line. Work with the catering manager or venue to avoid long lines by arranging stations in different parts of the room.

Four Weddings” airs on Friday nights but you cna catch the episodes when they repeat throughout the week, check your local TV listings.

You can see a video of the brides’ first meeting on the TLC website.

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