Become a Top Wedding Planner – What Makes You Unique?


Bride Interviews a Wedding Planner

Do you know what you offer to brides that other wedding planners don’t?

One of the questions brides ask when interviewing wedding planners is, “Why should I hire you?” Many wedding planners say they are “detail oriented and thorough” and they will give brides their “magical day” but you need to say more. You need to emphasize your uniqueness.

Here are 4 questions that you can ask yourself to determine what you unique features are:

  • Have you had training and/or experience as a florist, caterer, or hospitality manager at a venue?  Then you have valuable knowledge that is extremely helpful to most couples.
  • Are you familiar with wedding customs and traditions of a specific culture? Your knowledge would be a great asset to those who need help planning a traditional wedding.
  • Do you have access to popular wedding vendors or know some great little-known venues? This would be very helpful, especially to couples who are not familiar with your area.
  • Are you good at planning elegant weddings on short notice? There are many couples who have a short engagement who could use your help.

The Wedding Daze, a wedding planning company in the United Kingdom, is unique because they are a husband and wife team. They address the concerns of both the bride and groom from a couple’s perspective. This is great since today many grooms get involved in the wedding planning process.

Think about how you are unique and make sure you include this information when you talk to brides and when you market yourself to others.

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