Become a Top Wedding Planner – What NOT to Do Before Your First Meetings with Prospects


Confident Wedding Planner

 As a new wedding planner, are you ready for your first meetings with prospects?  I posted tips about preparing for first meeting on my YouTube channel and provided information and preparation worksheets on my ebook, “Become a Top Wedding Planner.” But here is something you don’t want to do:

Don’t have an argument, disagreement, or heated discussion with anyone before a meeting.

Whatever negative feelings you may have during that time will carry over into your meeting.  You may feel angry or have low self confidence, your potential client will pick up on this and not hire you.

So prepare yourself by following the tips I have given to you such as dressing professionally and knowing how to answer tough questions.  And, make sure you are in a calm and self-confident state of mind when you approach any potential client.  This may mean meditation, reading a favorite book, or listening to your favorite music.  Whatever it takes to feel good when you have your meeting.

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    Thank you! That is actually great advice. It’s just not something you really take the time to think about, but that makes a world of difference.

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