Become a Top Wedding Planner – What NOT to do with Your Portfolio


Wedding Planner and Her Portfolio

I was talking to planner who said she was very worried because she left a copies of her portfolio with a few people and now didn’t have a portfolio, not even the original,  to bring with her to a meeting with a potential client.  I was shocked, I had never heard of leaving copies of a portfolio with anyone.   She said she leaves copies of her portfolio with wedding vendors in hopes they will show them to their clients and she will get referrals.  She had not yet gotten any work this way but was hopeful.  I suggested she collect her portfolios and not give them out again.

It is important for you to be the  one who shows your portfolio to potential clients.  You need to be there to explain how you work and the benefits a bride will receive from working with you.  If vendors want information to show their clients, create brochures that you can leave behind, not copies of your portfolio.

Find out some of the DO’s and DON’Ts of creating your portfolio in an article I just posted on my article site

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