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Wedding Planner With Computer Trouble

A few weeks ago I turned on my laptop computer and found a “security alert”  that my computer was infected with 32 viruses and that I needed to click and and download a fix to get it cleaned. I have another computer so I Googled the information about the “security alert” and found that the alert itself was the virus and it would suggest that I download a fix which actually wouldn’t work.

My virus checkers had not caught the virus.

I had to have my computer repair person take it back to his shop. Because it was during the holidays, it was gone for longer than a week.

This experience reminded me of an old episode of “Sex and The City” in which Carrie Bradshaw’s computer dies. Because she had not backed up her computer, she lost all of her information. She made a comment to her friend Miranda that no one talks about backing up but everyone secretly runs home at night and does it.

Are you secretly running home, or wherever you computer may be, and  backing up? You should be. Not only do you have valuable information about your clients and their weddings on your computer, you probably also have information about your business plans, marketing plans, accounting, and maybe even your personal life on it.

Today it is relatively easy to do a computer backup. There are online back up services that you purchase by the month or year. You can also purchase portable hard drives that automatically backup when you plug them into your computer.

Be sure you use one of these methods! You don’t want to have to spend valuable time recreating work that you have already done.

Personally, I have both, an online backup service and an automatic backup hard drive. It was a good feeling knowing my information was not lost when my computer went down.

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