Become a Top Wedding Planner – Where to Hold Meetings with Potential Clients


Wedding Planner Meets with Potential Client

Are you planning to run your business out of your home?  It is the most cost effective way to start.  But have you thought about where you are going to meet with potential clients?  I know people with home offices who invite people to meet them in their homes.  If you do, make sure your space neat, clean, and looks very professional.  Ideally it is quiet and away from the main areas of your home.

However, I believe that it is safer to meet clients outside of your home.  Find places that would make a favorable impression on your client.  please note : coffee shops and fast food restaurants will not entice a high-end client to want to do business with you.  Instead, a place that can be used as a wedding venue would be a good choice.  Find a quiet place in the lobby of a hotel, a  garden, or restaurant to hold a meeting.  You can also rent office space for a day at an executive suite and hold meetings there (check to make sure the space is available nights and weekends, which is when many of your meetings will be held).

I don’t generally meet at a potential client’s home unless I already know them.  This is for safety reasons and because meeting at their home gives control of the meeting to them.  Remember you are not trying to be their employee or assistant.  You are a professional offering  a professional service.

And don’t forget to be early or on time and dress professionally, you really do only get one chance to make a good first impression.

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4 Responses to “Become a Top Wedding Planner – Where to Hold Meetings with Potential Clients”


    I have my own office so there is no question about where to meet future brides. But I wonder if a wedding planner has to have her meetings in a hotel or a venue, is this good for her image? and how about the bride. is she going to trust you? Dont you think that it is not absolutely necessary for a wedding planner to have her own place ?


    Hi Konstantina,

    You have the ideal situation with having your own office. However many wedding planners work out of an office in their homes and don’t want to meet with people there. Renting office space in most cities can be very expensive but there are executive offices that can be rented for a day that are pretty affordable. I think if you can meet in the quiet lobby of a high-end hotel, it’s fine. Or if the couple already have their venue or are seriously considering a particular venue, that would work as a meeting place also. I wouldn’t suggest eating a meal while you are on a first meeting though, you don’t want to be wondering if you are practicing the proper table manners, have food in your teeth, or would offend someone if you ordered meat and they are vegetarians. Also, I don’t suggest meeting in coffee houses, like Starbucks, because they are too noisy and other people can hear what you say.

    Does this answer your question?

    I always appreciate your comments.




    Thank you Sharon. Yes I am fortunate having my own place to meet the customers. I wanted your opinion because i am a little bit confused now. I perform beach weddings also in Sporades Greece (its a complex of islands probably you know Skopelos from Mamma Mia the movie) and I can not financially to stand the cost of 2 offices I must choose. This is why I was wondering if it is appropriate to meet new customers in a venue.
    Thank you for your time


    Hi Kostantina,

    Here in the United States it is not at all unusual to meet at a venue, especially if it is the one the bride is using for her reception or if it is one she is considering.

    Beach weddings in Sporades, Greece sound beautiful – any challenges in doing them there?


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