Become a Top Wedding Planner – Who Will Be Your First Clients?


Elegant Wedding Reception

If you’re a new wedding planner, you may be dreaming of planning elaborate, high-end weddings and celebrity weddings, similar to the events you’ve read about in People magazine. And you may be hoping your first clients have million dollar budgets because it seems like it would be so easy to plan events with no worries about money.

While you can have a goal of being a wedding planner for the rich and famous, it is best to start local, in your own area, with weddings that have an average budget.

If you read my last post in which I wrote about how Preston Bailey and David Tutera started, you will notice that their companies had humble beginnings. They learned and perfected their skills before they approached, or were approached by, high-end clients.

You want to do the same thing. You want to take the time to get experience successfully creating weddings on a budget, working well with vendors, managing a staff, and handling the emergencies that come up on a wedding day before you plan an elaborate wedding. You also need to create your network of high-quality vendors so you are confident that you have a team that you can work with successfully.

Realize that high-end clients usually hire wedding planners that they meet through word-of-mouth. It may take some time for you to create the sort of reputation you need in order to be hired to do an elaborate wedding.

Also, though some people don’t really have worries about the amount of money that they spend, that doesn’t mean they’re careless with their money. They, as much as someone on a tight budget, or maybe even more so, want to make sure they get good value for their investment. And they want to make sure they have a wedding planner who knows all the ins and outs of the business, so plan to get some experience doing smaller weddings first.

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