Become a Top Wedding Planner – Why Should a Bride Hire You?


Wedding Planner Meeting with a Bride

You’re meeting with a bride, hoping to be hired as her wedding planner, and she asks you, “Why should I hire you?”  What should you say?  Marcus Buckingham, consultant and author of books  inspiring people to find their strengths to obtain personal and professional success, recently told the audience of The View what do to when this happens to someone at a job interview.  I put my spin on his advice to make it work for you.  When a bride asks you this question, here is an idea of what to do:

  • Review what the bride told you about her wedding vision
  • Tell her how your strengths can make that vision a reality

Many times planners just review a list all of their good qualities to the bride, hoping she will see how good they are.  Instead, tell the bride how your qualities will help her realize her special wedding dream.  Customizing your answer to her specific needs will leave her with a good impression and might get you a new client.

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