Become a Top Wedding Planner – Will the Bride Walking on Wet Grass?


Bride Walking on Dry Grass

Whether you are planning a wedding in an outdoor or indoor venue, you must be aware of what may be happening with the grounds surrounding the facility.  The other night I was watching an episode of The Learning Channel program, Wild Weddings.  One of the video segments featured a wedding party walking across a lawn when the sprinklers suddenly went off, drenching the maid-of-honor.  Luckily, the bride and groom remained dry.

Here are some things to find out when booking any site with a lawn and landscaping:

  • When is the lawn watered?  Even if the sprinklers aren’t set to go off during your event, you want to make sure the grass ise dry so the wedding party and guests are not walking through mud to get to the venue.
  • When is the lawn mowed and when are the grounds maintained?  You don’t want any of this work done during a ceremony or reception.  If there is a lawn, it should looked well-manicured.
  • Are you planning any landscape changes before the wedding date?  You want to be sure the grounds look like the bride expects them to, or better, on the day of the wedding.  Also, if the bride books the venue in the Spring and her wedding is in the Winter, ask to see photos so she knows what she is getting.

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