Become a Top Wedding Planner – Will You Work During Holidays?


Wedding Planning Checks Her Calendar Before Scheduling Weddings

 One of my Twitter friends, Edward Philipp, tweeted me, “Do wedding planners get to take the holidays off?”

The answer – some planners take the holidays off. Others have brides who are getting married during this season, or shortly after, and are busy working as usual.

Have you thought about what you’re going to do during this time next year? What about during other holidays and when you take vacations?

Do you want to plan weddings during holidays or will your family expect you to be involved in family events?

When you take vacations will you work through them, taking calls and answering email, or will you be unavailable to your clients and vendors?

You get to determine how you want to handle your schedule. Decide now, for 2010, the days or weeks in which you won’t be available. This way you won’t take on clients who you won’t be able to help during the most critical times in the wedding planning process. Or, if you do plan their weddings,  you’ll know you’ll  have to get a responsible assistant to help you.

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